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“Comrade Delta”, You Dirty Old Pervo! #SWP #edl #casualsunited #nwi #evf #sea #uaf #martinsmith

Special report: Did Socialist Workers Party cover up NINE rapes?

Kangaroo court may have cleared an official of raping teenage member… but scandal goes far deeper

  • Previous allegation of rape against senior member heard in ‘kangaroo court’
  • SWP leadership survived unprecedented motion of no confidence last week
  • Claims party’s ‘disputes committee’ heard nine separate allegations of rape
  • Another alleged victim who quit party has come forward with her testimony
  • SWP ‘strongly contests’ account and said they took ‘prompt action’ 
  • The SWP also insists there have only been two such cases investigated

Excerpts taken from a Special Report in the Daily Mail. My comments in Bold.

We all know who “Comrade Delta” is, it’s this bloke:

martin smith delta pervo 1

Martin Smith is Comrade Delta. And he’s a dirty old pervo. Read the Special Report link for this shocking update to his story. The screenshot is taken from this article: Martin Smith UAF/SWP Accused Of Rape

Earlier this week, Ciara Squires, a student at Queen Mary, University of London, and a hitherto enthusiastic member of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), posted this message on Twitter: ‘I’ve left the SWP but in absolute tears. So absolutely gutted. Gonna drink wine till I don’t care about anything.’

Behind her emotional and very public admission is a deepening scandal that is threatening to engulf Britain’s largest far-Left organisation, which prides itself on its promotion of women’s rights.

The scandal first came to light earlier this year and involved an allegation of rape against a senior figure in the party by a junior colleague.

Instead of calling in the police, the party set up what can only be described as a kangaroo court, comprised mainly of the alleged attacker’s friends, to investigate the complaint, and effectively act as judge and jury.

The spurious justification for this charade was that the SWP did not recognise Britain’s ‘bourgeois’ system of justice. That’s the law of the land, to you and me. The official in question, a middle-aged, full-time activist, who has a long-term partner, was subsequently exonerated.

The girl, on the other hand, just 17 when she began a relationship with the veteran party apparatchik, and just 19 when she claims she was assaulted, was subjected to embarrassing questions about her sexual history and made to feel like a ‘slut who asked for it’, to quote someone who knows her. Precisely the kind of behaviour the SWP has frequently accused the State of.

Friends say the young woman, who we will call Miss X, and who made a formal complaint to the party hierarchy in September of last year, has been left traumatised by the process. Apart from anything else, her anonymity has been compromised. Her accusation has been so widely discussed and debated because of the way it was handled that many in the party know who she is.

Those are the brief, shameful facts the Mail exposed in a report back in February. Since then, we can reveal, female members of the SWP, such as Ciara Squires, have been leaving the party in droves. Many attended an ‘emergency’ conference at Hammersmith Town Hall last weekend where the SWP leadership survived an unprecedented motion of no confidence by 483 votes to 133. Critics furiously branded the result a ‘whitewash’.

What was that again? He is middle-aged, and she was 17 when she begun a relationship with him.

THAT’S A BIT FUCKING SICK isn’t it, Martin Smith? So she may have just been legal but come on… I am not surprised she is “traumatised” – I have seen a picture of you. And what else is this?

Many other women, aside from Miss Squires, appeared visibly upset when they left Hammersmith Town Hall late on Sunday afternoon. Some, eyes to the ground, looked close to tears as they went silently on their way. Their party, after all, has always professed to champion the cause of feminism. The sense of betrayal was palpable — and today the full extent of that betrayal can be laid bare.

For, according to a former veteran party member of 18 years standing, the SWP’s internal court — otherwise known as the disputes committee — has been convened on no fewer than nine separate occasions to investigate allegations of rape against nine different men in the party.

YOU and EIGHT of your “Comrades”? How many more of you are there? We all thought the Kangaroo Court fiasco was bad enough, you and your sick, perverted Comrades intimidating a victim of serious sexual assualt into not going to the Police. And noticed faces from the television we know support you and your twisted friends. 

We have seen Matthew “Grannybasher” Collins’ weird obsession with and lies about Joe Marsh, which would be very amusing if it wasn’t for the creepy factor.

What the HELL is wrong with the Left? Please tell us!
We really, REALLY don’t understand how you can sit there, lying, defaming, libelling people all over the internet when this level of shit is hidden away in your closets.

JUST LOOK at the state of that limp-wristed streak of piss Nick Lowles – (recently run out of Essex), who thinks it’s All Good to write bullshit about people on his crap little site, alongside freak boy Collins, but when people challenge him about it in the street, he goes running to the Police crying “intimidation”. But it’s not intimidating of you commie arseholes to write lies and even publish people’s addresses and photos online for the world to see?

That “Special Report” even leaves Martin Smith’s name out and refers to him only as “Comrade Delta”. Well, we are not sorry that another article names him. Why should he be protected? He’s a dirty, manipulative, nasty piece of work. AND that is true. It’s not made up is it, Comrade?

And lastly (for now anyway as I expect this can of worms is not yet empty)… was it not you Comrade who, during the demonstrations held to raise awareness during the Charlene Downs case, held a counter demonstration, DIDN’T YOU? So, there it is.

All the proof anyone needs to see that the Left are a bunch of sick bastards. And we didn’t even need to mention the BBC.

comrade delta nonce 1



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