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So, What Exactly Is The Deal With #Commies And #Nonces?! #casualsunited #edl #evf #ena #sea #nwi

Because here is yet another one…

hnh nonce 1

Coronation Street sex charge: Frank Foster actor accused of indecent assault on victim under 16

Former Coronation Street star Andrew Lancel was yesterday charged with five counts of sexually abusing a child.

The 42-year-old actor, who played Frank Foster in the ITV show, is accused of indecent assault of a victim under 16 years old.

Married Lancel, whose real name is Andrew Watkinson, was bailed by Merseyside police and will appear in court days before Christmas.

The soap star, from Gateacre, Merseyside, was charged with “historic” offences believed to date back to his trainee actor days.

What IS with Paedos and Commies? We have just heard all about Martin Smith of the Socialist Workers Party and their Kangaroo Court rape trial. – Martin Smith UAF/SWP Accused Of Rape
This man held a counter demonstration in Blackpool during the Charlene Downes case.
Commies regularly defend Muslim grooming gangs and other paedos. When Jon Venables picture was Blogged, they foamed like hell over it, spouting shit about his “right to anonymity” because his safety was being put in jeopardy. WTF? – Commies Appeasing Paedophiles

Now this person is seen openly in support of Hope not Hate, a well known commie site run by Nick Lowles (recently run out of Essex lol). Nick Lowles also defends paedophiles and his site is full of libel and bullshit about people who expose such sick excuses for human beings.

Is it just me, or is there some sort of pattern here?

Just saying like…



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