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March For England: St. Georges Parade, Brighton 2013 #casualsunited #evf #sea #nwi #mfe

This Blog is written taking witness accounts of four people. One of whom is “Scott” in the screenshot who is accused of lying and another is the father of the child who was hurt – also accused of lying. The other two are people who were there with these people.

These commies are so intent on stopping a Family Parade for St. Georges Day – which March For England have now held for the last 6 years, this year being the 6th – they foam and bleat and throw tantrums all over the internet how it’s an EDL event, how it’s racist and fascist and how it’s a demonstration.Capture brighton sla6 edit 1Capture brighton sla7 edit 1Thick as pig shit: One of their crappy little flyers they are constantly littering Brighton with. Who pays to have the council come and clear them all up then eh?!
stop mfe 1
A demonstration against WHAT though? There has never been any kind of demonstration in all the time MfE have held the event. It’s a St. Georges Parade. For families. There is no Reason to hold a demo on St. Georges Day in Brighton, you fucking imbeciles!

These so called anti-fascists are terrified that people will be allowed to do something they don’t like. They HATE it. They are visibly shitting themselves, getting angry and irate and having major panic attacks that this may be allowed to happen, and they do it every year. It is like an obsession with them. It’s like they can’t bear to not be in control. LOL.

As we all know how pedantic and pathetic they are, and how they constantly screech and squeal about proof and evidence which they deny and foam over afterwards, we thought we’d humour them one last time on this issue.
Capture brighton scott 1 edit 1Capture brighton scott 2 edit 1 I notice that no one corrects Scott on the name of the street. Irvine (who is OH SO SMART and knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE and it’s ALL TRUE – hahahaha! 😛 what a total JOKE he is!!) says he knows what happened in Queen Street. Which Queen Street would that be then Irvine?

Scott at one point had to carry someone’s dog down CHURCH Street because of the amount of glass that the commie scum had thrown, so it’d be understandable he got the name wrong, but you are sat there all Smart-Alecky behind your screen, with Google maps to refer to, and your petty head on, and you don’t know the name of it!

Gilly Carpenter, well known for her nastiness online, took great lengths to abuse the father of the child and accuse him of lying. But then again, we all know all too well what a nasty piece of work she really is too.
Capture brightonowned edit 1Capture brighton owned edit 1

Here are 2 pictures and a map. The area highlighted in red on the map is where the child got hurt. The parade had just passed the entrance to the Theatre car park. Bond street was full of commies throwing missiles and smoke bombs into Church Street.
mfe bton2012 church st 1mfe route 2 church street edit 1mfe bton2012 church st 2

Is this anally retentive enough for you, leftie idiots? As we have not yet found a way to take a video recording of our memories (this is only done in Sci-Fi television programmes, in case you didn’t know) this will have to do, and you’ll like it or Fuck Off.

All your bleating about this event will NOT stop it. You can’t call your selves “anti-fascist” and then go on to behave like fascists, that makes you Hypocrites. Or don’t you have a proper grasp on the workings of the English language? Here’s an explanation for you:comment of the year lol 1
Bus in your “friends” from other towns and areas of the country if you want – like you did last year – but you do realise that YOUR behaviour, not the behaviour of anyone in the parade but YOUR OWN arsehole behaviour, has set a precedent now.

I don’t suppose Sussex Police were too impressed with the abuse they received from you last year either, by the way, and nor would they have been too happy that their horses got assualted by you. A classic leftie retort I got last year when I mentioned this to some skanky commie was “the Police shouldn’t have brought the animals”. LOL!
You really could not make up your bullshit.

You forget that it is a perfectly legitimate parade. The organisers liase with the Police beforehand. You people do not liase with Police therefore your petty little tantrums – sorry I mean protests – are illegal.
We are going again this year to Brighton. We will be having our St Georges Parade, whether you like it or not. Throw all the tantrums under the sun if you like, it’s just comical, and makes you look like a bunch of spoilt little cry babies.

See you there 😀 NFSE! Holly xxx

Casuals United Blog: Brighton St Georges Day

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6 thoughts on “March For England: St. Georges Parade, Brighton 2013 #casualsunited #evf #sea #nwi #mfe

  1. Once again again an extremely good blog 🙂 Truthful writing, which is a pleasure to see nowadays. Keep up the good work x

    Posted by St. George | March 25, 2013, 9:44 pm
  2. Why is it these soap dodging lefty twats are only against English people trying to demonstrate there national pride. They are happy to support the racist muslims who openly admit there beliefs make them sexist and racist. Sums them up to me, they are like something you wipe off your feet. I am English and proud and as this is our country if you don’t like it I suggest you ***k o**. Happy St George’s Day to all you true English. The rest of you I really don’t give A toss about.

    Posted by mikederby | April 21, 2013, 7:50 pm


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