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Appeasement For Perpetrators Of Acid Attacks #savingface #casualsunited #evf #edl #nwi

Last night on Channel 4 was a programme about women who have been victims of acid attacks. You can watch it HERE. It’s pretty horrific to watch, by the way so consider yourselves warned 😦 .

We did wonder what the commies would say about this programme as everyone knows what they are like when it comes to anything related to islam. The silence of their animal rights “activists” on the issue of halal slaughter is deafening.

However, we did not expect the blatant appeasement and denial that these screenies show. We know of this individual’s weird take on anything islamic but this really does take the piss:

katie likes acid attacks 1She says the programme isn’t about muslims and islam – even though all the women wore burkhas or hijabs – and accuses David of lying.

katie likes acid attacks 2They did interview one of the attackers. He denied any wrongdoing towards his wife and said that he doesn’t have any remorse as he didn’t do anything wrong. His belief is that she deserved this particular punishment.
Porrelli obviously won’t have watched the programme as it would shatter her delusions. She also says he is using this programme to “justify his biogtry and racism”.

katie likes acid attacks 3Al Qaeda represent Extreme Islam. They act according to certain passages in the Koran and the Hadiths. They may not represent ALL muslims but they represent a PERCENTAGE of them. The religious book they all use is the same book. The hostages in Algeria right now are held captive by ISLAMISTS. Why would they be called ISLAMISTS if they had nothing to do with islam? To use her favourite word, she’s a bit of a “Moron”.

katie likes acid attacks 4There are other Blogs about this strange individual. She even will deny something that has been proven in black and white. She was proven to be a bully and a liar but when showed the proof, she said it was everyone else who was lying and bullying her. She now denies acid attacks happen to muslim women.

Did Malala not get shot in the head by ISLAMISTS because she wrote a Blog?
Or did she lie about this, Katie?

You are sick in the head. Wrong’un.

NFSE. Holly x


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5 thoughts on “Appeasement For Perpetrators Of Acid Attacks #savingface #casualsunited #evf #edl #nwi

    • This piece of inciting racial and religious hatred, would carry so much more weight if it was exclusively a Muslim phenomenon. It’s not.

      Posted by Gilly Levett-Carpenter | January 18, 2013, 5:42 pm
      • Where does this “incite religious and racial hatred”?

        The Blog was written about a television programme shown on Channel 4 about acid attacks on women. If you Google it the main entries that come up are reports about incidents in Pakistan. Believe it or not (I assume you do the latter) this is predominantly an Islamic issue. Show me some statistics from other countries/continents/religions/faiths/whatever… that use this form of control over women’s freedom that can overwhelm the Islamic statistics then I can eat my hat.
        You can’t.
        It is NOT an issue of “religious and racial hatred”. It is an issue of people (women and girls) being threatened and intimidated with severe violence and lifelong physical disfigurement if they DARE to speak out for themselves.
        Would you take this kind of of threat and say nothing?
        What would YOU say if I said to you, “OK ‘Gilly’, if you try to contest what I want to say I will throw acid into YOUR face”?
        YOU would call the Police on me, wouldn’t you? Or would you not?
        If I were to say: “OK ‘Gilly’, you dare try to comment on my Blog again, I will come to your house and throw acid in your face..”… WHAT WOULD YOU DO THEN?
        You would call the police, and have me arrested for threatening behaviour. Would you not?
        These women don’t have that kind of “luxury”. They have to put up and shut up.
        I thought you people were supposed to be all for women’s rights.

        OH I am so sorry, I forgot. All the while it is an Islamic issue, or anyway related to muslims, or islam, you get on your soap boxes (that irony just makes me die inside btw) and bleat and squeal about racism and religious hatred.

        WELL. I am NOT sorry.
        Personally, I don’t give two shits about whichever so-called religion these people claim to belong to, I only care about the fact that there are people out there who are throwing acid in other people’s faces to intimidate them. Have you never heard of BULLYING?
        This is bullying to the extreme and it just so happens that it occurs predominantly in islamic countries.

        I notice you have no comment at all about Malala Yousafzai – who, if you can recall, was the 15 year old Pakistani girl who was SHOT IN THE HEAD just for writing a Blog about how she and her friends deserved an education.

        PAKISTANI MUSLIMS ‘Gilly’. MUSLIMS shot her for Blogging… a 15 year old child.

        Wobble your fucking head for God’s sake. It’s not about religion or race or any of that. It is about what is right and what isn’t.

        If you don’t know by now the difference between what is right and what is wrong then I suggest Reincarnation for you. Maybe you will come back as a rat and my cats will eat you for their tea. I hope they don’t, as I wouldn’t be able to afford the Vet’s bill.

        Get you head out of your arsehole for maybe half an hour a day? It may be difficult at first, but the more you try, the easier it will become.


        Posted by muslamicrayguns | February 12, 2013, 4:10 am


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