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Help Corporal Harry Killick #helpcplharry #casualsunited #evf #ptsd #nwi #army

This man’s name is Corporal Harry Killick.

He is severely ill with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is in prison – see above picture and please read the following articles:

Harry was injured fighting for his country and desperately needs your help to obtain the proper treatment.

Corporal Harry Killick returned from serving in Afghanistan. Harry’s experiences included narrowly escaping death at the hands of insurgents – some of his colleagues were not so lucky. Harry has since suffered from increasingly horrific flashbacks.

He attempted and failed to obtain the necessary medical help he needed, and that led him to take a gun from his barracks with the sole intention to end his life. Harry was arrested and is now in prison. In prison Harry has been diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Whilst the staff of the prison do their best to help, Harry is just not getting the treatment he needs. Harry stood up and fought for his country, he didn’t let us down. Please support us to get the right treatment for Harry, we mustn’t let our guys down.

With your help we want to achieve two things:

1. Get Harry the proper help he needs

2. Help him have his sentence reduced

Please send this on to others who may be able to help.

Please visit our Facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/corporalharry and share it with others (you can share from the dropdown menu)

And support on Twitter: @Corporal_Harry using the hashtag #helpcplharry

Media – Please respect that Harry’s family is not comfortable with being approached by the media, and would prefer that journalists/ reporters/ bloggers just refer to this ‘About’ section instead.

There is also a legal case here and they’ve been advised to only provide the above info.

Please help raise awareness on social media where possible.


Above text taken from Help Harry Facebook page.

help harry letterThis is an excerpt from one of Harry’s letters, reposted with permission from the
Admin on the Facebook page.

Please share this Blog and re-Blog wherever possible. This man needs help NOW. He needs people to be made aware of his situation and that of many other Armed Forces returning from active duty. Our Forces are NOT being given the care they EARNT and DESERVE on their return and this is so wrong on so many levels.

These are the people who should be TOP of the housing lists, TOP of the NHS lists, this man Harry Killick should be in a plush lush hospital receiving treatment for his illness, NOT locked up in a jail like a common criminal. The prison noise is making his illness worse.

If you do not understand the nature of PTSD, please feel free to read the following links:

Please share this to anyone you feel may be able to help and please visit Harry’s Facebook page and Twitter. Let’s use social networking for something GOOD.

No Surrender Ever to PTSD. Stay Safe Harry ❤


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