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Some People Who Think #Selfharm Is A Joke #commies #casualsunited #cutforbieber

Last night it was brought to my attention by the teenage daughter of one of my long-time friends that there were a group of individuals who had decided that due to Justin Bieber (teenage singing lad – for anyone who knows his name but not why, like myself) smoking some weed they would cut their arms up in protest until he stopped.
My first thought was, fuck that… I’d hate to be their parents! IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, I WILL THROW A MASSIVE TANTRUM COMPLETE WITH CLARET EVERYWHERE!
Talk about emotional blackmail overload. They pissed me off TBH.
They upset my friend’s daughter. She likes him but she thinks that these girls are sad little fucktards (my words, not hers, she said they had made her angry as they had no respect).
It interested me to find today, that pretty much everyone has flamed them and told them how their behaviour disrespects people with genuine mental illness:

belieber mugged off2
belieber mugged off1I wonder what people will make of this then?
These are screenies taken from a group where known commies show their feelings about self harm.. even to use it to bully someone on this particular “conversation”, and to tell her to “finish the job”.. well, it is here for you to see for yourself:


sick4bAs far as I know, these people still bully this particular person about this. I don’t know her or her age.. I just thought of the video made by Amanda Todd.
I also have been told by more than a few people that one or both of those “Kitty” profiles are alternate accounts of a known Facebook cyberbully.

I am sick and tired of seeing the amount of vile bullying and people who use others’ illnesses and problems to persecute them or discredit them, and airhead spoilt brats who think some emotional blackmail can get them what they want. ALL of you people need to give yourselves a good hard shake, because it is NOT just me who thinks you are all sick.


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6 thoughts on “Some People Who Think #Selfharm Is A Joke #commies #casualsunited #cutforbieber

  1. Just a heads up guys, the whole cut for bieber thing was a hoax.


    Posted by UnknownSoldier | February 14, 2013, 6:45 pm
    • Interesting…
      Thanks for that link mate… WARNING the pics on that link are nasty BTW.
      The person that first alerted me to this “cutforbieber” thing was a 16 year old who was very upset – to put it mildly – to see all of this on her Twitter feed. She’s a fan of his so obviously had her Twitter feed full of it.
      Personally I just find it SICK that anyone should even joke about self-harm, let alone use it and post pics of it online. I don’t mean you, I mean all that “cutforbieber” and the comments in the screenies in this Blog entry bullying someone for doing it.
      People who self-harm do it for a reason… they don’t do it for fun or for attention. They do it as a form of coping mechanism because they have nasty shit in their lives. Amanda Todd? http://youtu.be/a-J7lLDQRYc

      Posted by muslamicrayguns | February 14, 2013, 7:38 pm


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