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Commie Justification For #Cyberbullying #casualsunited #nwi #southeastalliance #edl

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Here in this next set of screenshots (warning, there are quite a few!) we have a person who goes into the group to play Devil’s Advocate and try to get them to justify their behaviour. They can’t do it. Instead they practically blame the woman, it’s her own fault she’s being bullied – and then denials of bullying altogether.

First of all they get accused of having a “10 minute profile”
katie6So they post a screenie of their profile to the group…
And so the commie foamfest begins:
katie2katie3katie4katie4aALL the BULLY SCUM are named here above.

Now. Get a LOAD of them and how they justify this vile behaviour (see previous Blogs) and even go so far as to deny it, even though it is there in black and white for all to see (no “racist” pun intended).
The last comment boxed in red is Comedy Gold. Get old Imran Ali saying that their behaviour is no different to NATO attacking the Taliban!!! You could NOT pull this shit out of a Christmas cracker!!!
And they still did not explain to Seriously Dilligaf how it came to be that he/she was trolling their own post!!!

And they say that the “right-wing” are stupid and uneducated. L.O.L.

Keep it Casual NFSE 😀


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