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Commies Have Varying Views On Disability Issues #casualsunited #brierfield #nwi #disabled #disability

Who remembers the sad blog the commies wrote about Zoe, where they used a picture of Jojo, where Zoe had apparently insulted a disabled man by calling him “Ironside”?
What they conveniently didn’t show was the rest of the conversation which would have shown Zoe only retaliating to being called a “slag”. But that’s neither here nor there now.
Here is a screenie of their blog showing that holier-than-tho attitude they love to have.

I wonder what they make of the following comments then:


Are these comments OK?
Zoe’s retort to being called a slag is not OK, so what do the commies think of this?
Even commie Ethel Sparrowhawk tells them to wind their necks in.
“Kerrie Rapscallion” is a notorious cyberbully who loves to say “STBU” which means “shit to be you” but that’s another story!
“Katie Porrelli” is another sick piece of scum. She thinks it’s OK to laugh at cyberbullying and suicide.
These individuals sit on this one page from one day to the next, spewing out bile and poison and she goes on about Karma.


Carry on Hypocrites, everyone knows exactly what kind of vile creatures you are. We don’t even have to make our stuff up! Unlike your sad selves 🙂

Happy New Year!

Keep It Casual NFSE


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4 thoughts on “Commies Have Varying Views On Disability Issues #casualsunited #brierfield #nwi #disabled #disability

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