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No Solidarity In The Commie Camp? #casualsunited #edl #wearenorwich #uaf

Well, isn’t this a turn up for the books?
It seems the commies are not very loyal to each other at all, and are quite happy to leave their mates in the shit, if last weekend’s demo in Norwich is anything to go by.

We have all seen the pics and videos of the commie who got into a fight with some EDL members after he had taunted them from a bank and they climbed up after him. And we saw how his mates, rather than help him, sat and took photographs of it. Nice mates!
We’ve seen some of the comments on the commie blog, they are not impressed with his treatment either.

Now it has come to our attention that some of the other attendees at the commie counter-demo are not happy with the treatment they have received from the organisers – who I am assuming from this screenie refers to  “We Are Norwich”.

Please note also, that in the first screenie, the post on the commie website is an EXACT copy of the original news report.
Just sayin’ like… lol 😉


a commie has just messaged me to say:
Er… yes I can read thanks for your concern 🙂 . The screenie is taken from a commie blog (as you can see on the right hand side although some is chopped off) NOT the EDP, which refers to the “Eastern Daily Press”. If you look at the screenie properly, you will see it says “From the Norwich Evening News by Mark Shields”.
If you then put that into Google, you will find for your self the ORIGINAL article. No need to be pedantic.

Whoever “Barbara” is, she’s just blatantly fobbed this girl off. Charming!!!

The bloke is from Norwich as well. So much for “We Are Norwich”! lol

Commie Loyalty, don’t you just love it.



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4 thoughts on “No Solidarity In The Commie Camp? #casualsunited #edl #wearenorwich #uaf

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