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If You Want Hypocrisy Explained Look No Further #casualsunited #edl #evf #uaf #commiefail #glasshouses

If you want “Hypocrisy” explained look no further…

OK, so we are all now fully aware of the lad who burnt the poppy and posted it to Facebook, his subsequent arrest and the ensuing foamfest all over Twitter the next morning about Civil Liberties and Free Speech.

Please see the following links for examples:

I think some people have missed the point somewhat. He wasn’t exposed and arrested because he burnt a paper flower. That would be totally ridiculous and a bunch of #poppycock – as people have been saying.

It was about the SYMBOLISM behind it. Made all the more apparent by the caption which he had posted underneath saying:
“How about that you squadey cunts”

I assume he meant “Squaddie” as in Armed Forces? So this indicates a direct insult, does it not?

According to the paper, his father said he “had got very drunk at a party before he posted the picture: ‘He was woken up by a phone call from one of my mates telling him to remove it. He couldn’t remember putting it up.He deleted it as soon as he realised. The next thing we know is that he has been arrested.’”

Pretty much what I had guessed tbh. A harsh lesson for a kid who got drunk and was an idiot? Probably. Not many people can say they’ve never got drunk and been an idiot really can they?

At the time, however, people who saw that picture were incredibly upset by it – to put it mildly, especially as he posted it in the early hours of Remembrance Sunday and people woke to see it all over the internet. Worst timing ever, in the history of Bad Timing?

Let’s explain the concept of SYMBOLISM for those people who just can’t/won’t get it.
The comments I have been seeing are that he should have the right to Free Speech and that to be arrested for this is against his Civil Liberties. Fine. Fair enough.

Why then do the same people who whinge and bleat (see the articles linked above) about this lad’s rights to Free Speech bay for the blood of anyone who burns a Koran? And when they are arrested for it and even sent to jail they all clap and cheer.
(let me just add, as I have seen some commie smart-arses lurking about, that I don’t agree with burning of books. Personal belief, if that’s OK with you all)

The SYMBOLISM of someone burning a Poppy, to a mother who has lost a son in combat, for example, IS AS UPSETTING as the burning of a Koran is to a Muslim. To say that one is wrong and one isn’t A). makes you a hypocrite and B). makes you a judgemental, arrogant arsehole to say that one person’s upset is greater than another.

I do wonder sometimes if they are actually aware of their own hypocrisy which is so apparent to everyone else except themselves.

We have many examples of their two-faced attitude. One that immediately springs to mind is their calling for a ban on the EDL demo in London. When the ban was implemented, they couldn’t get enough, but their cheers soon turned to tears as their own demo fell under the ban also. Read THIS ARTICLE for the story. You couldn’t make it up. Started crying and bleating how their Right to Free Speech was being violated. LMAO!

More recently we have had commies trying to get our Blogs closed. They don’t like others who have a differing opinion to have any voice at all. They can’t handle it. So they grass to the relevant people (in this case WordPress) and they even harrass the Police on Twitter!!!

I thought they were “anti-establishment”? They soon show their other face though, when the “establishment” can be used for their stupid little time wasting activities.

There is one in particular who is well known for this behaviour. She even spams the Twitter feeds of various Police Forces around the country, bleating and squealing about one non-event or another. This one is so funny it has me in stitches everytime I see it:
Someone called her a name on Twitter, and she is spamming the Police feed!! Apparently she was doing it all day, tweeting different Police forces about someone calling her a name. LOL!
I don’t know why they put up with It. Unless they all have blocked it, this person is known for doing this for years now, harrassing and trolling and bullying via her Twitter feed.
The level of this bleating sounds like a Halal lamb going to the slaughter:

Does she have delayed reactions? Or has the dementia started to settle in?
This was LAST WEEK luv!

We’ve had WordPress check the Blogs, FYI, and they are all OK now. Would you like me to screenie the email conversation with the nice WP man?

All that the problem was, was that we copied too much of the original article before we wrote our own comments. THAT was the only problem!
This is why these individuals are so much comedy value. Sigmund Freud would have wet dreams over the inside of that particular commies head. I certainly wouldn’t dare go there. I wonder if THESE PEOPLE have tried but Failed?

And lastly, here are commies doing exactly the same thing as that silly old woman has been tweeting/bleating about for god knows how many days: see second pic in the Blog.

Their Glass Houses must be smashed to fuck by now.

Have a word with yourselves ffs! LOL!


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