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Don’t Ever Throw The (Un)Holy Koran On The Floor! #edl #evf #bfp #sharia

Have a watch of this.


This following transcript starts from about 11.30 but I’d say watch from the beginning for the whole story:

Jeremy Kyle, Frank (Dad), Mehmet

Jezza: Go on, look behind you, there’s a photograph of her with a bruised face!

Mehmet: Yeah… cos she chucked the Koran on the floor!

Jezza: Unbelievable…

[silence from audience followed by gasps of “you what???”]

Jezza and Frank: Cos she chucked the Koran on the floor?

Mehmet: Uh… Cos she chucked the Koran on the floor… yeah

Jezza: I’m gonna do this now, I’m gonna do this, I’m going to do this…

[paces up and down…]

Jezza: OK. I wasn’t gonna do this but I’m gonna do this… cos I spent Five Years doing a Radio Show in Birmingham and Forty Percent of the audience… OK?… was Muslim, and I have Total Respect for other Religions, Traditions, Castes, Whatever…


Jezza: If a man beats a woman, in whatever country, in whatever religion, IT IS TOTALLY AND UTTERLY WRONG, PERIOD!

Jezza: It is NOT about religion! WRONG!

Jezza: LIKE… LIKE it’s WRONG if a man is beaten by a woman!

Jezza: This is about a young girl, who got pregnant by you, who disappeared and terrified her parents, right?… and who then comes back with bruises and you think that’s OK, and “it’s only the first time I’ve done it”

Mehmet: Ummm… [nonchalance throughout, watch his face]

Jezza: She’s not gonna speak the truth is she? Cos she’s scared of you

Mehmet: She’s not scared of me, I treat her like a princess

Jezza: [laughs] How many princesses get whacked around off a radiator?

Mehmet: I feed her, I clothed her…

Jezza: OH SHUT UP!

Mehmet: I feed her…

Jezza: YOU FEED HER? What is she, some kind of animal?

Mehmet: Nah… nah…

Says it all really, doesn’t it?

Good old Sharia… if you can’t tell them, beat it out of them.


J xx


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