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Janey English’s Blog Is Back! #NFSE! #casualsunited #edl #uaf #commiefail

What a bunch of little bleating Fascist Commie Bastards you really are!!!
You REALLY think you are going to stop people saying what they want? You REALLY THINK that you can go whining and bleating and crying home to mummy because the nasty Fashists are saying things you don’t agree with?

What a sad, pathetic bunch of spoilt brats. LOL.

As Dave Lister from Red Dwarf so eloquently put it:

“You have a longer yellow streak than a stampede of diuretic camels.”

Don’t ever think that you can take away anyone’s Right to Free Speech.

Because you will FAIL.

You have proved today that you really are just pathetic little cry babies who can’t handle other people doing things that you may not like.
Well, sorry to burst your bubble actually I’m not, I lied but here in the real world we sometimes just have to get over it and jog on, if we can’t mentally handle a differing opinion or have a civilised debate.

Only people with fragile egos have to attempt to “win” by trying to silence the opposition.

No Surrender, Ever! To little scummy idiots who think they are more significant than they actually are 🙂


Janey xxx


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4 thoughts on “Janey English’s Blog Is Back! #NFSE! #casualsunited #edl #uaf #commiefail

  1. Reblogged this on Hidden British News and commented:
    Janey English’s Blog Is Back! #NFSE! #casualsunited #edl #uaf #commiefail

    Posted by skidmiester | November 8, 2012, 10:27 pm
  2. Janey this is the only time they actually feel they matter attention seeking behaviour that have a self esteem problem coping in getting on in life that seems to be must lefties then the other groups the do gooders that see the world in rose coloured specs and see nothing in the future and live in the present trying to pretend that everyone is peaceful and being kind and tolorant is the way forward. I mean are they thick? Or just cowards sucking up to the inevitable that they through their submission to what they see has the winning side anyway!? Whom knows what goes on in their deluded brains.

    Janey what I hate most is being called racists for simply not wanting to have a majority rule one day of Islam and Sharia Law and for us to lose our indentity to these people that are so different to what we are about and what to have to see and be part of on a daily basis like depressing burkas why should we whom says so? We do need to remember this is our country even if we are daily brainwshed by the media and the lefites that we should accept that we will no longer be whom we are and lose out culture and way of life because brainwashed nobodys say so.
    I do not hate a race I feels sorry for the females that have to live with this opression throughout the world and even those that come out on the streets that are brainwashed and no no different and are pleasing their husbands and families by doing do.

    Posted by wildhorses27 | November 8, 2012, 11:42 pm
  3. Hello! I am back, AGAIN!
    I’ve now got a copy of this blog on a secure server, just in case little sad bleaters want to try and cause me trouble again.

    Don’t you people realise that you are just wasting everyone’s time? No you don’t do you because you are thick as shit.

    WordPress have been into this blog AGAIN and found nothing wrong, in relation to the original “complaint”. I do not mind if I have to obey rules in certain places, if I want to go there. I don’t mind this at all. I also don’t mind “behaving” myself if it means that pesky little commie squealers stop wasting the time of the people that run this site.

    Didn’t really waste my time though, I went and did other things.

    Commies reckon I sound really bothered in this post. Do I?

    I was actually laughing as I wrote it 😛
    Laughing at the sound of Commie piss boiling. Should have bottled it all we could have heated all our houses for the winter.

    Never surrender to bleaters and squealers who belong in a halal battery farm 🙂 J xx

    Posted by janeyenglish | November 11, 2012, 1:19 am

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