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Homeless Families To Be Kicked Out Of #London #casualsunited #edl #evf #bfp #walthamstow

Homeless families to be kicked out of London and sent as far away as WALES as councils buy up cheap properties to house them

  • Local authorities say sky-high rental costs in the capital, combined with the incoming benefits cap has forced them to send people miles away from home
  • Areas as far away as Manchester, Merthr Tydfil and Hull, as well as the Home Counties are all earmarked for families
  • ‘It is going to be practically impossible to provide affordable accommodation to meet our homelessness duties in London,’ Dagenham Council say

Source: The Daily Mail.

Homeless families could be sent hundreds of miles away from the areas of London they hail from because councils are desperately trying to save money.

As the Government prepares to cap housing benefit allowances at £400 per week from April, local authorities in the capital are buying or renting houses in places like Manchester, Merthr Tydfil and Hull, it has been revealed.


I wonder why they have to start to save money now? How about all those moaning and complaining that their adequate housing is not big enough, not in a decent enough area, or too far away from schools? We all know the people I am talking about.
For example, these individuals in this article.

Maybe councils in London will have more money to spend if they stopped appeasing pisstakers like this?

One cabinet member for housing in an inner city borough added: “Let’s face it, a lot of people with more than two or three children, and who are dependent on benefits in this borough are not going to be here for very much longer.”

I wonder if this will include the likes of Anjem Choudary, who is on benefits and has more than two or three children? Or the Somali in the article linked above who is also on benefits and has more than three children?

Will people like this be forced to move to another area?
We already know the answer to this, don’t we?

Two-Tier System YET AGAIN.
NFSE. J xx


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