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Another #Non-Racist #Murder In Culturally Enriched #Two-Tier Britain #casualsunited #edl #evf

“White C*nt” = Another Non-Racist Murder

Taken from The British Resistance website. 16th Oct. 2012

Written by Southwest Nationalist.
My Comments below article.

william mckeeneyAsif Rehman, 20, and Adel Ishaq, 19, viciously beat William McKeeney to death.
This pair of drunk and drugged up enrichers stamped on him so viciously that shoe prints were left on his head.

During the attack they called Mr McKeeney “a white c*nt” – and despite being initially charged with a racially aggravated crime the racist charge was later deleted and the pair were convicted of murder.

“White c*nt” just can’t be racist enough for the authorities.  After all, he was only a white, whites don’t matter.
If a couple of whites stamped some coloured guy to death whilst screaming “black bastard” you’d have a new St Stephen Lawrence, racism headlines in every paper, and a show trial (or two, or three).

If whites stamped some Asian to death whilst yelling “paki c*nt” the racism charges would come thick and fast, the authorities would make damn sure of it and they’d pursue it to conviction whatever it took.

Heck, if I were merely to caption the picture of this pair of enrichers with “murdering Asian c*nts” for this story I’d probably get a racism charge slapped on me.

Asif Rehman Adel Ishaq

No racist conviction if a pair of enrichers beat a white man to death whilst calling him a ‘white c*nt‘ though.  It’s never racist when it’s whites ending up dead.

Racism is used as a tool of oppression against whites.  It is applied to create a perception that it is only whites who are racist, only minorities who are victims.
By refusing to apply the racially aggravated qualifier when whites are victims, any police/court statistics will always show white perpetrators, minority victims.

Race crimes against nasty whitey are hidden, swept under the carpet, not acted upon, deleted from the charge sheet.
Then goes out the cry, time and time again, of “Oh, those poor minorities, something must be done, funding must be given, action is needed.”

The racism laws – and indeed the entire concept – were created, and are applied, to be a self fulfilling prophecy.  Their sole purpose is the demonisation of whites and the handing of ‘specially protected’ status to minority.

Were the laws applied fairly and without bias we would soon discover that whites would make up the majority of victims, the target of hate in our own nation from the aliens we so stupidly imported.

That can’t be allowed to happen though, it just doesn’t fit with the official gospel of evil, racist, whitey, and poor, always the victim, minority.

Let’s not forget Rhea Page.
Jumping on someone’s head shouting “Kill the white slag” does not deserve a prison sentence? In fact, the judge in this case was discriminatory in their favour (we can’t say RACIST as we all know that Islam isn’t a race, don’t we?! Even though the commies love to call us such for even saying the word “islam”!!) as he:

“gave them suspended jail terms after hearing mitigation that as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk. The Koran prohibits Muslims from consuming alcohol, although Islamic teachings permit its use for medicinal purposes.”

Here is another example of the Two-Tier Racism in this country.
And another: Public transport rants who could forget those?

And let’s not forget John Terry. Although cleared in a law court of a “racially aggravated offence”, he was still hauled up in front of the F.A and branded a racist. Why?
He referred to Anton Ferdinand as a “black c*nt“.

John Terry’s comment was said to another player in the middle of a football match wasn’t it? That’s hardly the same situation as a man being assaulted to the point of death while being called a “white c*nt“. Or is it just me that can see this?

People are not STUPID, BLIND or DEAF and people can see the unfairness in these laws that goes on everyday. People are painfully aware of the Two-Tier system here.

You will NOT be able to do anything about racism until you start to treat all people fairly, treat them the SAME. If the crime is the same, treat the perpetrators the SAME regardless of their race, colour or religious belief. Someone saying “white c*nt” is the SAME level of racist as someone saying “black c*nt” or “paki c*nt“.
Or how about “paddy c*nt“, just so the Irish don’t feel left out!

Just remember though, if you say you go to buy your dinner at the “chinky“, you may be a closet racist. Just sayin’…

No Surrender. J xx

*NB. I have purposely put an asterisk in the word “C*nt”. This is because I am aware that people take genuine offense to that word. However, I doubt they would riot had I not done so.



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