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#Walthamstow: Police Will NOT Apply For #EDL March Ban #casualsunited

WALTHAMSTOW: Police will not apply for EDL march ban

Taken from East London and West Essex Guardian. By Daniel Binns. 10:00am Wednesday 10th October 2012
My comments below article.

EDL supporters marching through Walthamstow last month.

WALTHAM Forest Police has said it will not apply for a ban stopping the far-right English Defence League (EDL) from marching through Walthamstow.

The extremist group is planning a demonstration on Saturday October 27 after its previous march in Walthamstow back in September ended in disarray.

The EDL, which claims to be opposed to Islamic extremism but which critics say is racist, attempted to hold a rally but most of its 300 supporters were blocked from getting there by thousands of counter-protesters.

There were also missiles thrown from both sides and 20 people were arrested.

Last month Waltham Forest Council launched a campaign, supported by the Waltham Forest Guardian, urging the government to ban the second march from going ahead.

But in a statement police said they could not back it because the EDL had a legal right to protest and there was no intelligence to suggest a march would cause serious violence or disruption to the community.

Jo Cardwell, from the We Are Waltham Forest group, urged residents to take part in a counter-protest on October 27 instead.

She said: “I don’t believe bans work. The law only prevents the EDL from marching.

Yeah, we do still have this thing in Britain, it’s called “Free Speech”. You dickweeds in Commie-land want to remember this, all the while you are trying to stop the Free Speech of anyone with whom you don’t agree.
Fascist little hypocritical f*cktards that you are.

“We Are Waltham Forest”.
Not a bussed in rent-a-mob then?

OK 😉 See you in Walthamstow. Where we will be going where we want, and saying what we want, whether you like it or not. NSE. J xx


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