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Islamic extremist group in #Cardiff tried to radicalise young Muslim #casuals #edl

The Truth Hunter UK

A group of Islamic extremists in Cardiff has been involved in trying to radicalise a young Muslim, a BBC Wales investigation has revealed.

For months, an undercover reporter for the Week In Week Out programme has been meeting with a member of a group called Supporters of Tawheed.

Supporters of Tawheed member Rofi (pictured) denies trying to radicalise the undercover reporter

A man called Rofi attempted to radicalise the undercover reporter by directing him to extremist websites and videos that preach hate.

He denied radicalising the reporter.

The reporter said: “Going undercover has opened my eyes to their world and how dangerous it could be.

“It’s only when someone starts trying to radicalise you that you realise what it could lead to.

“And what really scares me is how they are influencing others with that hatred and disaffection.”

The programme spoke to Alex Meleagrou-Hitchins, an expert in radicalisation from Kings…

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