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#Commies Are Disgusted By "Racists", But Not By #Paedophilia? #casualsunited #edl #evf #bfp #nei #nwi

Well, we already know this anyway, those of us whose eyes, ears and brains function correctly. However, rarely does it become as blatantly apparent as this.

Nick Lowles and Matthew “Granny-basher” Collins, both of the extreme and comically, if it wasn’t so tragic misnombered group “Hope not Hate” are fond of constantly using a story of a convicted paedophile, who happened to be a member of the EDL, to make excuses for themselves and attempt to justify their pathetic behaviour. I am not going to bother to link to their wanksite. It’s not important.

However, what DO we have here?

And, for the benefit of anyone who hasn’t read the Blog, here it is, copied from HERE.

September 2012

Man of 46 groomed under-age girl to be his lover

A middle aged man is to be given treatment to correct his “seriously distorted” sexual feelings after embarking on a schoolgirl less than a third of his age

Francis Charlton was cleared of raping the youngster by a jury at Newcastle crown court but he was found guilty on five counts of possessing a total of 13 indecent images of her
The 46 yr old, formerly of Newbiggin, but now of Litchfield Crescent in Winlaton, Gateshead also admitted taking a indecent image/photo of her.

The picture taken on a mobile phone showed both of them, the judge said it is  evident to me that you nurtured a completely inappropriate relationship with the girl over a period of time.

The judge added “your letter was discovered long after the police had arrested you. It revealed the true nature of that relationship”.

“You looked upon her and loved her as someone you regarded as a potential partner”

“you had to fight with your feelings incase others noticed”

“By that time the girl had already been corrupted by you”

“Others were looking at your relationship as husband and wife”

“Her behaviour, given your grooming is understandable”

“However your behaviour is unacceptable, you exploited her vulnerability”

Certain individuals…

*COUGH* Nick Lowles and Matthew “Granny-basher” Collins *COUGH*

…would do well to remember a little saying: “Those in Glass Houses, Shouldn’t Throw Stones.”

NSE to Scumbag Hypocrites. J xx


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5 thoughts on “#Commies Are Disgusted By "Racists", But Not By #Paedophilia? #casualsunited #edl #evf #bfp #nei #nwi

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