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PRESS RELEASE: Britain First Patriotic Movement Dispatches Thousands Of ‘#Muslim #Grooming’ Awareness Packs To Every Main #Mosque And Elected #Muslim Representative! #casualsunited #edl #evf

PRESS RELEASE: Britain First patriotic movement dispatches thousands of ‘Muslim Grooming’ awareness packs to every main mosque and elected Muslim representative!

Taken from Britain First Website.

The following press release has just been sent out to 3,000 journalists and press organisations.

Britain First, the people of Britain, are going to make their voices heard.

Some sources have already threatened us with hate crime complaints and stated publicly that people should be arrested.

But nothing will stop us telling the truth, these are all of our children and we will stand by them come what may.


The ‘Britain First’ patriotic movement (now registered as a political party) has dispatched thousands upon thousands of Muslim grooming awareness packs to over 7,000 members and supporters, hundreds of mosques and madrassas and virtually all elected Muslim councillors, MSP, MPs and Lords.

This groundbreaking awareness drive is part of Britain First’s “Muslim Grooming: Britain’s Secret Shame” campaign.

This campaign is being backed up by the distribution of thousands of leaflets, demonstrations and meetings around the country as well as organising thousands of online complaints.

“It is about time that someone spoke out against this sickening evil and forced Muslim leaders to take action within their communities,” said Britain First Chairman Paul Golding.

“This problem is largely ignored and brushed under the carpet because the authorities fear being called racist,” Mr Golding said.

“Our campaign is designed to jolt the Muslim community into action, by piling pressure upon the leaders and mosques. Only by forcing the Muslim community to face up to organised grooming, which is unique to their community, will anything positive be achieved.”

“Imagine the ferocious reaction when our informative grooming brochures hit the mats of thousands of mosques! We do not desire confrontation or hostility between our organisation and the Muslim community, but something has to be done to protect the young English girls who are falling victim to the grooming sex gangs.”

To view the brochure that has been sent to the Muslim community please click here:

Muslim Grooming Brochure

Please refer to the following links for images of the anti-grooming mail-out:




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2 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: Britain First Patriotic Movement Dispatches Thousands Of ‘#Muslim #Grooming’ Awareness Packs To Every Main #Mosque And Elected #Muslim Representative! #casualsunited #edl #evf

  1. this is fantastic work..
    god bless ya’..

    Posted by bob e | September 24, 2012, 2:27 am
  2. Reblogged this on The Rape Jihad.

    Posted by violenceagainstwhites | September 26, 2012, 3:32 am

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