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Breakdown Of Democracy: Kevin Carroll Of The #EDL Talks To The #MET Police At #Walthamstow

A Breakdown of Democracy: Kev Carroll talks to the Metropolitan Police at the EDL demonstration in Walthamstow last Saturday.

This video is the first of a few that will be emerging over the next few days:

Listen to what the Police Officer says. She is effectively saying the speeches can’t be held. She actually isn’t, she says that if the speeches are held where the stage is, the P.A will be turned off and the speeches won’t be heard, and it isn’t possible to move the equipment over to where the EDL are in a cordon across the other side of the field. She also replies when asked “So the speeches won’t be heard?”, “No, the speeches won’t be heard”.

As the video plays, bottles are thrown by individuals from the counter-demonstration.
No one is arrested.
Instead, many of the EDL members were arrested “to prevent a breach of the peace”. The remainder were searched and held in the cordon for over 5 hours with no access to toilets or water.
Some were also assaulted by the Police.

16 Year old boy punched in face.

Anyone who was wrongly arrested or suffered an assault by the Police or as a result of the Police negligence should put in a complaint as soon as possible.


No Surrender! J xx


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