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Reblogged – #Leeds Council obviously dont think the law applies to them #edl

What makes #Leeds Council think they can sack someone for being part of a legal protest group without repercussions? #EDL


“The Sunday Times then revealed his employment at Leeds council. The council responded by suspending Knowles and has now sacked him.

The Unison trade union is understood to have refused to represent Knowles. Leeds council’s chief executive Tom Riordan said the council was totally committed to fairness and equality.

He said, “After a thorough investigation supported by the police we concluded that in this particular case behaviour had been demonstrated which ran completely counter to what we stand for. This is in fundamental breach of contract and left us with no choice but to dismiss the staff member concerned.”


According to the above article this man has been sacked simply for being involved with #EDL. Even worse is the  left wing scum of Unison refused to represent them even though hes paid subs to them for years. Hes gonna mop the deck with both of them in court without a doubt. Talks are underway regarding a response to this. Leeds Council will regret this decision when they have to police demo after demo in response to this. You cut one of us we all bleed.



Update on this story. This man is nothing to do with the EDL which is why none of us knew who he was. He is part of this Counter Jihad Movement of which we havent been involved in. They still have no right sacking him for his politics though and wish him good luck at Tribunal.



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