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Muslim grooming gangs by Roxy

Muslim Child Grooming Gangs.. Cultural Epidemic or Opportunists on the Prowl?


TWO years ago I said that Blackpool was not an isolated case when 60 suspected cases of Child Grooming were reported. At least two of those girls are missing presumed murdered and investigations continue into the death of Paige Chivers. Let’s not even talk about the farce of the investigation into the Charlene Downes murder, as I shall digress greatly from the purpose of this post …

Sadly for this country it’s becoming clear that in pretty much every one of our Towns and Cities, the length of the country, Muslim men are preying on innocent VULNERABLEchildren. Let’s look at the facts here. Rochdale, Telford, Oxford, Blackpool, Burnley, RotherhamDerby, to name a few,  all Towns within our Cities where current or ongoing criminal investigations are being carried out against Muslim grooming gangs.  So why suddenly the epidemic? .. Has the issue of Muslim grooming become so widespread that the authorities are only NOW deciding to tackle the problem or is it more a case of community cohesion?. If the authorities ignore there is a problem, will it go away?..If the authorities publicise the issue of Muslim grooming gangs is it likely to limit the number of victims in the long run, or cause unrest in multi cultural Towns and Cities?, Even more so, will the authorities come under scrutinisation?.  A great number of these girls who have reported being victims after all, have been through the care system or are still very much involved with Social Services for one reason or another.  These are some of the question you need to ask yourself.

Are the authorities only JUST beginning to recognise trends?  More importantly why has it become so “acceptable” in Muslim fast food and taxi businesses to encourage and condone the ritual abuse of vulnerable white children (often from care homes).

What separates a Muslim Grooming gang from your everyday unscrupulous predatory white paedophile? I have my own views on this, pretty strong one’s too.  (No surprises there). , the MO of a Muslim grooming gang bears no reflection whatsoever on the accepted criminal profile of known paedophiles.

Extensive research into the background, common traits and case profiling of a white paedophile in today’s society suggests they will often pick a child known to them, they will prey on that child gaining confidence for a period of time, and the whole sickening affair is based on control, manipulation and threats towards the child.  The paedophile knows fully that in order to manipulate the child they must first gain trust. They also know that in Western society what they are doing is highly immoral, criminal, demoralising to society and carries harsh sentences. Convictions lead to being answerable to the full extent of the British judicial system, from initial sentencing, through to probation, prevention and rehabilitation.

Now let’s look at Muslim grooming gangs.  From what we know so far from previous cases, young vulnerable teenagers are befriended by these gangs, simply plied with food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Taken to flats or houses of the perpetrator and abused, often not by one man but by several.  They are made to believe they are acting in an adult fashion and in some cases “part of the gang”.   There have even been cases where the victim has assumed herself the “girlfriend” of the perpetrator, or has  been told that she is “loved!” .  In some cases many girls have been involved, no doubt thinking it’s “cool” and grown up to be paid such attention and driven round in top of the range cars, being given money and being “spoilt”. Remember that often these girls have come from broken homes where they are crying out for attention and the unconditional love of an adult.   In other cases it has even been suggested that the girls “consented!!.  Jack straw himself referred to the fact that in some Muslim communities the general perception was that “white girls are easy”.  Even if the girl did consent this is still ritual abuse, rape and sexual manipulation of a minor who let’s face it, probably didn’t even know better.

Now one could say that the problem is a cultural issue given the fact that the trend now appears to be UK wide and not isolated to certain Northern communities as was previously suspected.  After all, Islamic religion is particularly astute on the virtues of sex outside of marriage and on the morals that Muslim women must uphold.  The Qur’an itself when translated literally teaches that in certain situations, sex with a minor is not frowned upon.

The other question you need to ask is this, do Muslim grooming gangs exist because childhood copulation is an acceptable part of the Islamic culture and Muslim men may often be sexually repressed due to the teachings of Islam, or is it simply a case that word spreads,  ideas catch on, the opportunity was there and they have simply been getting away with it for too damn long!!

My conclusion is this, their culture and communities do not condemn their behaviour.  The authorities have in the past turned a blind eye.  Social Services have done jack shit to protect these girls when they where in their care.  Preying on “white easy meat” is a walk in the park when these girls are crying out for love and attention.  Word of mouth spreads, if you can get away with in Rotherham your cousin can do the same in Telford!!.. Culture doesn’t stop them.. but opportunity allows it.

Sleep Tight Folks

Roxanne ❤


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