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Indymedia encouraging people to harass innocent coach companies

The deranged muppets of Indymedia, in their quest to deny Patriots their freedom of speech and assembly are listing coach companies phone numbers and asking them to ring and harass. A nightmare for the poor girls in the offices trying to do their jobs to be bomabrded with idiotic calls about “nazis and fascists”.

This tactic is not only pathetic but also pointless and Ill tell you why. Next time one of our girls books a coach for a demo this is how the conversation will go.

Me: “Hi can I book a coach please?”

Coach employee: “Yes love where are you going?”

Me: (Depending on where demo is) “Alton Towers/Legoland/Blackpool/West Midland Safari Park” etc


Im sure you get the picture. These people are running a business, and they dont know who they are carrying and they dont really care. So waste your time ringing them if youve got nothing else in your life and it makes you feel better, but you wont slow us down one bit. You’ve tried it before and even companies whove told you they wont carry us again, have done. We just get a different person to ring. Easy peasy.

We are paying customers and weve never wrecked a bus yet. If Muslims attack the coach thats a matter for police and insurance companies, not us.

Becki NFSE


See link for their idiotic threats



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