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Commies now moaning as the powers aimed at EDL which they laughed about are now aimed at them

Suddenly oppressive laws arent so hilarious when they get aimed at the left

“what goes around comes back around” LMFAO Did they REALLY think that these illegal powers, like ten yr asbos, 170 arrests for no reason would only be used on the EDL? You silly cunts have laughed at it happening to us, now its gonna happen to you. Poetry in motion.



As an anti-war activist I’ve seen my fair share of court rooms. While appearing in court is never routine, Monday’s pre-trial hearing at Westminster Magistrate’s Court should have been fairly straight forward; a chance to plead ‘not guilty’ and for the court to set a trial date for our action at Downing Street to mark ten years of war in Afghanistan. An exception to the usual process was that my co-defendant, Fr Martin Newell, was in prison having being sentenced to 24 days in Pentonville prison for non-payment of a fine in relation to a previous anti-war action at Northwood.

However the ‘routine’ nature of the appearance was interrupted by the sudden appearance of two plain clothes policemen in the waiting room who announced they needed to talk to me in private and then promptly served papers on me saying that they intended to apply to the court for an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO). The papers say that the terms of the order sought are as follows:

The defendant must not:

Enter or be in the City of Westminster except while passing through as a passenger on the London Underground.
Carry with you or be in possession of any can of spray paint, tin of paint, marker pen, chalk or charcoal in anyplace outside the city of Oxford.
Carry with you of be in possession of bolt croppers in any place outside the city of Oxford.

For a period of 10 years.

The policemen said they would be serving more papers on me after Christmas and then promptly left. I was a bit shocked to say the least and the court hearing was a bit of a blur. As Martin wasn’t produced from prison a further court hearing was set for 9th January.


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