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Dear me, we’ve reached a stage where Facebook is seen as a credible source for “Journalists” the shame of it


Quotes from various commies in a Guardian debate

“In my opinion, you can learn everything you ‘need’ to know about the EDL by spending a day looking at their Facebook page. The rallies tend to be their ‘public’ face, yet they are completely inept at covering up their true side on this site.

They claim to not tolerate racism, yet their admins not only condone it by refusing to censor the most disgusting comments, they constantly display it themselves.

How much research do you conduct online?”

“Do you feel the EDL are unfairly given a bad press and ignorantly labelled, just because news sites don€™t want to offend muslims and be the cause of muslim riots and death threats like we saw with the Danish cartoons? Like this Norway tragedy, there has been no proven link, other than the terrorist adding some EDL as face book ‘friends’ and then stating he did it just for the email addresses for a mailing list of people who love their country, to send information to.”

“Even Paxman had nothing to attack Lennon with other that some photos and “friend” adding on Facebook. British journalism needs to hang its head in shame if Facebook is all it can produce as evidence. Anyone can create a profile on there in any name and say whatever they want. As evidence or proof of anything it is poor”.




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