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british patriots society

British Patriots Society march London August 20th

British Patriots Society


Fellow Patriots join the British Patriots Society on a Peaceful March & Demonstration on 20th August (date has had to be changed due to Olympic events) to voice our opinions on –

Why Britain should pull out of the E.U.!

Why Britain should STOP giving GOVERNMENT FOREIGN AID!

And Demand that the MILITARY COVENANT be brought into LAW as promised by David Cameron!

By leaving the EU we get to keep our National identity, preserve our right to govern our own country, make our own laws, keep our own currency & elect our own leaders.

We believe all Government foreign aid should be stopped & the money be put into the British economy until such time as the economy is back on track & the British public are in a much better position financially. Money is needed in Britain for the homeless, poor, elderly, NHS, forces & ex-forces, schools, the list is endless. Only when Britain has looked after it’s own people & our Country is in a secure position, do we believe that Government Foreign aid should be given but only where it is essentially needed & will be well spent. Government Foreign aid money is NOT getting through to the people that need it, FACT!
Aid given by people, rather than governments, is more effective. Private charities are both more accountable and better able to direct aid to those who need it. Rather than frittering away taxpayers’ money, the government should slash its aid budget, cut back taxes and allow a culture of private philanthropy to thrive. Problems caused by poverty around the world would be far better dealt with in this manner.”

We demand that the MILITARY COVENANT be brought into LAW as promised by David Cameron! We aim to give our brave armed forces a voice & will not be quiet until Cameron keeps to his promise!
THIS IS WHAT WAS PROMISED!!!! http://www.mod.uk/NR/rdonl​yres/3C6A501D-5A85-47C9-9D​89-B99C5E428061/0/military​covenanttaskforcerpt.pdf
THIS IS WHAT WE GOT!!!! http://www.locknload.foxnw​olf.com/blog/_archives/201​1/2/23/4756787.html

We will be handing an Anti-EU/Foreign aid PETITION INTO DOWNING STREET.


And ALSO a Petition against the disgraceful decision for our fallen soldiers being driven down side streets to avoid the public. http://www.ipetitions.com/​petition/britishpatriotsso​cietyparade/signatures

2pm March will commence through Whitehall passed Downing Street to Waterloo
3pm Demonstration & various speeches at Waterloo
4pm Finish

BPS can arrange a Coach from the North West if places can be filled. if interested please e-mail admin@britishpatriotssocie​ty.co.uk

Please Note – No alcohol will be allowed to be consumed on B.P.S coaches.
People are free to hire and run their own coaches but need to contact B.P.S in advance if doing so.
We request that Patriots would refrain from consuming alcohol until the event/demo has finished & would appreciate your co-operation on this matter.
Please join our main page – https://www.facebook.com/p​ages/British-Patriots-Soci​ety/195946683785438
Our Website – http://www.britishpatriotssociety​.co.uk



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